About the Blog

To die … what does it mean?
To be or not to be isn´t the question, its about ceasing to exist as we know it… but how?
Leaving everything is not an easy, usual task. In a society in which the modus vivendi is to accumulate, abandoning all you have, is strange.
Loosing life, loosing our loved ones, make the last journey of no return is terrefying. We wish not to talk about it, not even reflect on it.
And when the time comes, when there is no way back, reviewing our luggage as we have lived, can be pleasent or not.

Now we just open the last door, unaware of what is behind, not knowing what we will encounter, and … it is scary! We live so disconnected from life , that death overtakes us, we forgot that it is a part of the cycle. There have been people, so connected  with life, with its cycles, they knew how to face death, they were prepared for the last trip, without fear, calmly and free.

This blog was created with this concern: to die, how to? How to disconnect from oneself and the whole, with serenity and love? How to prepare to die ? How are different philosophies, religions and cultures confront death ? How to react when you are about to die? And those who remain?

I accompanied some people in this process, seeing the fear in his eyes, I could only show my love because I did not know what else to do. It might have been enough, or maybe not. When I die, I want the serenity and courage to look death straight in the eye and, with love, accept it without fear.

We want to show how different cultures, religions and people deal with the process of dying. We wish the information you can find on this blog to be helpfull braodening the options for the most important moment in our life.
If you want to accompany us on this journey, you are very welcome.