When there is a loss, sometimes can’t identify well how you feel. There is pain, of course, and other times it’s as if you fell into an abyss: there is a deep vacuum and then […]

Eckhart on Peace After a Loss By Eckhart tolle

Eckhart Tolle, born in Germany on February 13, 1948, is a renowned writer. I like to define him as philosopher – spiritual teacher of these current times. Listen to him always is a pleasure, performs conferences about […]

The Peace That Passes All Understanding By Eckhart Tolle

Death is present every day. So ordinary that we live with it unconsciously in an absolute state of ignorance. Small deaths, like those of objects, a form of dying when we go to bed at night, […]

You can learn to die?

We went for an interview when the curiosity of those interviewed surprised me, not the question: we had been asked how we had come up with the idea of ​​this blog. I stayed silent and […]


here is a quick tip which I found in front of a theater in Terassa, Spain. The graffiti on this blackboard says: “Change your form how to see things and they will change”. It just […]

Is there a real opportunity to change in life?

    A white wooden door gives access to the cemetery, in the welcome text can be read: Cemetery of the Forsaken. This door leads to the small enclosure surrounded by typical houses of the […]

Cemetery of the homeless, Sylt, Germany

  January 1, 2016 I started the year by visiting a graveyard … I don’t known if that is a good sign, I hope so. At the event, yesterday we were celebrating New Year near […]

Christiansfeld cemetery, Denmark