You can learn to die?

Death is present every day. So ordinary that we live with it unconsciously in an absolute state of ignorance.
Small deaths, like those of objects, a form of dying when we go to bed at night, the end of reunions with friends, a feeling or way of thinking we leave behind, all of these death seem ordinary, we are used to not pay attention to them at all.
Death at the end of lifetime rather frightens us by not knowing what exactly happen to us. We fear for its definitive form. Not knowing about the other side, if any exist.
We learn at an early age, that physical objects do not last forever. We go to sleep without fear. We know that there is coming another morning with new opportunities. We have rituals to end the evening with good friends. We leave a feeling behind and change our mental concepts when we learn about new ones. By intuition we acknowledge that it’s time to grow, time to improve ourselves.
But can we prepare for the most important moment of our existence in which everything ends?
I would like to invite you to live the present with the utmost care and attention in order to enjoy every moment, and perhaps by doing so, these small deaths we presence each day may prepare us to live the end of our life with gratitude, peace and an attitude of profound acceptance of this natural process.



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