Is there a real opportunity to change in life?

here is a quick tip which I found in front of a theater in Terassa, Spain. The graffiti on this blackboard says:

“Change your form how to see things and they will change”.


It just reminded me on that true story about the good working husband who lived with six children, his wife and his brother in a big house, that he managed to buy for his family with a lot of sacrifice and hard work. He was a proud and well respected person in their community. Life was good.

One day he had to go to the hospital to get a small operation. In the first talk he had with the specialist in charge of the operation, he had this incredible experience that changed his life by the following sentence pronounced by the doctor:

“Well, you possibly don’t mind, as confirmed in your blood samples, as long as you are unable to have children, the following procedures won’t make things worse…..”
“What…?” said the good husband.

That’s like a bad joke. Only with this one more information, the whole past of this poor guy changed from one second to the other. All that perfect life, his love for his family and the great achievements of his former life, that exact moment had been changed. The children had been created between his brother and his wife. Both very loved members of the family so far. This one sentence changed completely the form of the thoughts this hard working man had about the structure and also his opinion about the participants of his perfect family.

I don’t know how exactly the reaction of this guy had been. How would you have reacted getting to know someone cheated on you going this far? My guess is, that his brother and his wife didn’t know about the new/old situation either. I guess it would be very interesting to observe their reactions too, when they learn about their new family structure.

Would it be worth to get completely aggressive about this turn of events? Should he, from that moment on reject his brother, his wife and his kids. Better said the kids of his brother and his wife? Should he divorce immediately? Should he really change the way he feels about the children he loved and enjoyed so much? Should he just in that moment decide to destroy completely his life situation, because he had achieved a different point of view about what he thought was “real”?

How far can he get confused about his feelings about his family members? All of them are still family, they just changed their roles? Would he feel different if he only new from a start, when the first child was born? Did he love his children the way he loved them just out of a concept how society expected him to love them. Or where his feelings genuine and real emotions of profound love between one human to the other? If they where real feelings, why should they change? Would you agree that he might be tempted to un-love the children out of a longing for vengeance for being lied to all these years?

Beside this tricky situation which hopefully none of you readers have to go thru, I would like you to consider the fact, that it is not only possible to change the future in this present moment, for example by making new plans for it. I would like you to make up your mind about the possibility, that, by changing your concepts about life in this moment, by getting the right new information, by reading, listening carefully and by being open for discussions about your perceived “reality”, you are able to change your life in all dimensions for better. Your are able to change your past as well as your future. All these ideas of what had happen to you and your personal life story might not be as written into stone as you thought they were. Don’t get stuck and hold firmly on to your little story about how others might have treated you badly, when maybe all this is not more then just a story. The same story told by different persons might be completely different, because every participant perceives reality from a different point of view. We should respect that. And we should take it as an opportunity to learn from others about our own “reality”.

One more advice must be taken care of. As for good, this technique could also be used to add some negative perceptions about your past or future into your mindset. So be careful about what to think and judge. Well, you might say now, If it is so ambivalent, what should we do if opportunity knocks on our door to change our concepts or form of thinking about things?

I would recommend to get completely present in the here and now. Be the observer of the actual situation you are in, at that same moment you are about to get this fresh information or thought construct. What are your feelings about these news? What is your actual mood? How does the new idea affect these feelings?

If it creates tension or unpleasant feelings in your body, take this as an advice that you might be on the wrong path. If your feelings tell you that you get clarity about your life situation, it would probably be a sign of a positive addendum to your consciousness. Be generous, give it some time to reflect and incorporate. Check back often and be aware of your thought pattern.

Once you have the feeling you are stuck in things and negative emotions those surround your daily life, maybe you could remind yourself of this little trick mentioned on the blackboard. Look out for different forms of looking onto all these things happening around you. Maybe there are positive aspects about all these negative details you are pointing out on a daily basis. Maybe you can talk to a close friend or mentor to get a different point of view about your reality. Ask other fellow humans about their opinion about your situation. You might be surprised to get to know the infinitive variety of perceptions varying from person to person.

Our perception is mostly a result of all of our experiences. It is an accumulated and unique pool of information that differs in each and every person on this globe. By changing the way of judging and perceiving what you think is “real”, “reality” will respond to your different thought forms and IT WILL CHANGE. Just try it with something little before turning your life upside down just to make a statement that you understood this concept. Life is good, lets go celebrate now.



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